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Help Me Take Over The World

Greetings I am the future dictator of the world. As you read this, I would be the ruler of the world if it weren’t for only one small problem.

It takes a lot of money to try to take over the world. I mean you have to pay for the headquarters, the evil henchmen and all the equipment (such as weapons, big computers with flashing lights and knobs and office supplies).

I guess if it were cheap, everyone would have tried to take over the world. Nevertheless, I will not let the fact that I have an empty bank account stop me from reaching my dreams of global conquest. Therefore, I am ordering you to help fund my plans for world domination.

Now you may ask “why should I fund this guys plans for world domination?” and the answer is simple. It is inevitable that I succeed and become the King of the World and by you helping me out in the early stages I may offer you in a place in my new world order.

Depending on how much you, give I will grant you the privilege of taking these titles and rewards. check them out here


my subjects

My heroes




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